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Another Paradise

Another Paradise

Another Paradise is Argentinean-born Guti and Luxembourg-born Francesco Tristano. Both are pianists who fell in love with electronic music and have won acclaim in a variety of genres, but each comes from a very different musical background.

“It’s all about freedom,” says Guti, summing up the ethos of Another Paradise, a new electro-acoustic project that combines the powers of two unique imaginations.

Guti was initially a jazz player who became famous in Argentina as a member of the rock band Jóvenes Pordioseros, then abandoned rock stardom for a creative and successful career as a house and techno producer and DJ. Francesco studied classical music at the Juillard School in New York and has recorded pieces by J.S. Bach, John Cage, Stravinsky and others, but has also collaborated with Detroit techno pioneers Derrick May and Carl Craig and composed his own, highly individual electronic music.

 “We want the music to be forward-thinking, we want it to be avant-garde, but we want the door to the dancefloor to be open,” explains Francesco. “The music could work at a gallery where cutting-edge contemporary art is being presented, but we can also make it more dancefloor-friendly and bring it to an underground club.”

The two pianists only met a few years ago, but soon afterwards, quite naturally, they began making music, amassing many hours of recordings amid the sheer enjoyment of playing together.

“It was a very intense friendship and studio relationship from very early on,” recalls Francesco.

“We are very, very different, but we just love to play with each other,” says Guti. “When we make music together, it’s always good, there’s never a bad minute.”

Their first release was a remix of Francesca Lombardo’s ‘Eye Ring’, which is being followed by the debut Another Paradise single, then an album assembled from the wealth of tracks they have recorded together over the past few years. This will be released a brand new imprint called Into The Future which is a label conceptualized by both producers as an outlet for their original creations and the inevitable convergence of compositions the duo are set to unveil.

Although both men spend a lot of time touring their various other projects around the world, their shared hometown is Barcelona, where they are building a joint studio for themselves that will also become a concert space. 

Their first major performance at Mutek in Buenos Aires in September will showcase the lush diversity of the sound they have fashioned together, which incorporates both electronic and acoustic instruments, and ranges from atmospheric electronica to delicately melodic soundscapes to what Guti describes as “super-abstract experimental space jazz”.


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